5Gen.tel, 5thGen.tel, 5th.tel + Fifth.tel “COMBO”


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Need to get into the 5th Gen telecommunications boom that is due to sweep us all? This combo pack just what you need and  is a perfect opportunity.

.tel domains also have NO RESTRICTIONS on what you use your domains for, which is falseley reported elsewhere.

https://tld-list.com/tld/tel says the restrictions are “three-character .tel domains which can be used to publish contact information, not host websites”. This is also confirmed by Wikipedia.

However, Telnames (https://www.do.tel/) serving as the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for .tel, state on their web page that .tel domains are “Now also available as a generic anything-you-want-it-to-be top-level domain”.

PLEASE NOTE! These domains are currently within the 60-day registration period, and as such cannot be transferred yet. The period ends on 5th July 2019. If you purchase these domains before that period, transfer to you will take place as early as possible.



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